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Smartbell Commended at Cream Awards 2021

“Smartbell is aimed at finding sick calves quicker and therefore keeping them on track to calve in at the desired age. With a rough cost of £1500 to get a heifer to calve at 2 years old, any savings that can be made are valuable.” Mark Wood, Portway Farms, The Cream Awards, Judging Panel

A new calf monitoring system “WELL CALF” has been developed. The tag continuously monitors calves to detect when there are potential signs of sickness. An alert is sent to the farmer, who can then assess the calf and decide what treatment is appropriate. This helps to improve detection and treatment for conditions such as pneumonia or scour and reduce mortality and long-term health problems.
“Heat detection and health monitoring for adult dairy cows has been available for many years, but we have developed a tag specifically for youngstock. Farmers increasingly recognise the importance of the first few months on lifetime productivity and we can help to find problems sooner and improve calf care.” says Veena Adityan, Smartbell CEO.
The tag is applied like a normal ear tag at birth and will automatically connect to a base station. Tag data is then used to alert farmers about sick animals. There is an accompanying free app and helps to track calf history.

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