An animal health monitoring and management system

better productivity, better consistency, better results

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Animal monitoring solution

Our sensors have been developed with both indoor and outdoor requirements in mind. They can be collar or ear mounted and provide constant monitoring.

Why Choose Us

  • Plug and play solution

  • Receive extra revenue

  • Share your data with advisors

  • Access on desktop or mobile

Active alerts

Smartbell ensures 24/7 monitoring

Peace of mind

No matter what the situation is rest assure that if anything goes wrong notifications will go out via emails and sms.

Share with advisor

Share your trusted advisors

Keep everyone on the same page

Share your farm reports and data with your trusted advisors such as nutritionists and vets so you can improve the value from their services

Safeguard the future

Pass down your farm knowledge

Assure the next generation has all the tools

Whatever happens make sure that all the history of what happened on the farm is available for review and analysis for the next generations to use.

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