27th April 2017

Smartbell for Researchers

  • Are you a researcher studying the movement, behaviour or health of animals?
  • Do you want to track individual animals for continuous periods of time?
  • Do you need hassle-free system for gathering large amounts of data?

Smartbell for Researchers is a fully automated monitoring system for tracking animal activity, position and behaviour

How does it work?

  • Robust housing
  • Compact and light
  • Long battery life
  • Easy online access
  • Download CSV data
  • Realtime system health
  • Graphic visualization
  • Heat map tracking
  • Zone time budgets

Detailed Specifications

The Hardware

  • Sensors collect real time position and accelerometer data to track cow movement, behaviour and social interactions
  • Ruggedized sensor hardware and has a 1 year battery life (at 1 Hz) so you can install-and-forget for the duration of the study
  • 24/7 automatic transmission of data from sensors via Bluetooth to the web platform for immediate analysis
  • Long-range receivers suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Customisable sensor sampling rate up to 100Hz

The Software

Use our online platform to access raw data as well as data processed into downloadable reports as well as maps and graphs. Our system offers easy on-site data backup as well as remote access. .

Activity  Position Time Budgets
Graphing abilities enable comparison of activity levels between over time and between individuals Heat maps show position over time of tracked animals, mapped onto their enclosure Zone time budget graphs show animal preference for user-specified spatial zones.

“Smartbell for Researchers brings cutting edge sensor technology to the study of animal behaviour”
                                          -Veena Adityan, CEO, Smartbell