13th January 2017


  • Are excited about playing a pivotal role at an early stage startup?
  • Are you excited about new technology to improve animal welfare?
  • Do you like to work in a dynamic work environment

If you answered yes, join our team to build the internet of cows®. Smartbell is looking for talented data science and machine learning experts and all round software developers to join the team. Drop us a note to careers@smartbell.io with your background information to learn more about the positions available.

        “Smartbell is a bridge between cutting edge research in animal behavior and sensor technology channeled for the betterment of farmers and the animals they care for”
              -Veena Adityan, CEO, Smartbell

        “Smartbell brings the expertise of an experienced herdsman to an automated dairy system”
                    -Agri-Tech East

        “Technology will transform farmers’ lives in both the rich and the poor world”
                  -Cambridge Wireless